Episode/Pennod 13 | Yws Gwynedd: Big Leaves – Pwy Sy’n Galw?

We talk to musician Yws Gwynedd about the influence of his Dad, who set up the famous Cob Records, on his love for music and getting his passion back for music after listenintg to Gaz Coombes’ and Sŵnami.

We also talk about him clearing up at the 2015 Y Selar Awards after releasing Codi / Cysgu and going from setting up Côsh to put his own stuff out to becoming a home for amazing young artists like Alffa, Gwilym and Lewys.

Yws also talks about how he approaches writing songs in Welsh to make them more accessible and how, with Sebona Fi, he wanted to write the happiest song ever to help him get out of a sad time.

And his time playing football for Crewe with the Abergele Pele, David Vaughan and his plans for a Wales Euros song.

Not to mention having the Gareth the orangutan treatment, twice, and getting jealous whenever Gareth talks with Owain Arthur.

Featuring new music from BOI.

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