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Croeso and welcome to the official, and unofficial, home of The Welsh Music Podcast.

My name is James Cuff and, with my friend Neil Collins, am in the process of launching a podcast – a first for both of us.

We both share a passion for music and have tried, unsuccessfully, to work together on something music-related for a while.

We tried finding local bands to manage and PR but regretfully didn’t approach a (now relatively well-known) band in their early days.

We’ve tried putting on gigs to limited levels of success – mostly at the bottom end of the success scale – but we’re crossing fingers that this venture proves more fruitful.

The plan for the podcast is to celebrate Welsh music in all its forms, old and new, and expose us to music and musicians we may not have experienced yet as well as the trusty artists on heavy rotation from our collections.

We will focus most of our time talking to guests who, in some way, have shaped the music and cultural scene in Wales to talk about their favourite Welsh albums. We’ve already got some amazing guests lined up for the launch episodes.

We’re also planning on showcasing new and emerging Welsh musical talent each week. If you’d like to be featured, please get in touch.

The next part of our plan is to produce mini, but in-depth, documentaries about key moments in Welsh music history.

If there’s anything you think we should cover, let us know.

We’re both really looking forward to getting started and hope we touch on something that resonates with others as much as we think it will do with us.

See you soon.

James x

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