The podcast guests

01. Dave Owens – Music journalist.

02. Patrick Jones – Poet and playwright.

Huw Stephens – Broadcaster

03. John Rostron – Music consultant

04. Matt Durbridge – Zabrinski

05. Keri Collins – TV and film writer/director

06. Helia Phoenix – Writer

To be recorded

Sue Charles – Broadcaster

The Anchoress – Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and author

Jack Perrett – Musician

Llwyd Owen – Novelist

Polly James – Broadcaster

Swci Delic – Artist

Bethan Elfyn – Broadcaster

Richard Parfitt – 60 ft Dolls

Sian Harries -Comedy writer and performer

Claire Mahoney – Music journalist

Rhys Mwyn – Musician and broadcaster

Gruff Owen – Record label owner

We want to feature a wide range of guests on the podcast to showcase the broad diversity of Welsh music and culture including language, location and genre so if you’d like to recommend anyone you’d like us to feature, please get in touch.

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